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The City's water supply is purchased from PWSD #1. The City conducts water testing bi-monthly to ensure it's safety.  
As of 2016, the current water rates are $12.50 for the first 1500 gallons of metered water and $0.645 per 100 gallons after that.  
The City is also in a 5 year water meter replacement plan. The new meters are radio read instead of manual read, which helps increase the accuracy of the read.  The new meters will also collect data to help inform the City and its customers of any potential leaks, backflows and adnormal usages. The goal is to have the project completed sometime in 2019. 
The City's refuse service is provided by Christian Environmental Services. These services are automatically applied to the water bill.  
As of 2016, Residential service rates are $13.74 for Senior residents and $14.80 for residents per month for twice a week collection.  The collection includes a Monday trash pickup and a Thursday single-stream recycling pickup.  On collection days that fall on a holiday, collection will be the next day. A 95 gallon toter is available for an extra $3 per month. Commercial rates range on the size container requested and times of pickup per week. The container sizes range from 95 gallon toter to an 8 yard container and pricing ranges from $18 -$245 per month. Weekly pickups range from 1 per week to 3 times per week.
The City's sewer collection and treatment system is a 14 acre, 3 cell lagoon. Daily monitoring is conducted to insure proper operation of the system and DNR permited levels are maintained.  As of 2016, the current sewer rates for inside the corporate city limits are $25.00 for the first 1,000 gallons of metered water usage and $0.490 per 100 gallons thereafter. The current sewer rates for those outside the city limits are $35.00 for the first 1,000 gallons of metered water usage and $0.686 per 100 thereafter.
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